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Name: Suzzane Foster

Job Title: Receptionist

What are the main responsibilities of your role at Lynch Wood Park?

I am part of the reception team, I am responsible for signing visitors in/out, room bookings, swipe passes and general administration duties.


How long have you worked at Lynch Wood Park for?

Almost a year now.


What’s the best thing about working at Lynch Wood Park?

Everyday is like no other, I meet a bunch of wonderful people with lots of interesting stories.


Do you have a fond/funny memory of your time at Lynch Wood Park?

Seeing Jamie dressed up in a Easter bunny outfit and Halloween costume…mainly anything Chantelle makes Jamie wear (I think he enjoys it).


For those still unsure whether to join Lynch Wood Park, what could you tell them that would convince them to come here?

The community-based events we have had have been amazing.


What do you think makes Lynch Wood Park different?

Lynch Wood Park is like no other business park! Most people enjoy concrete and steel backdrops we are fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful gardens and lake and other natural surroundings


Can you describe Lynch Wood Park in 3 words?

We are LWP!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Maintaining my allotment and spending time with my grandsons


Can you tell us a little more about yourself? 

I have a 17 year old cat called Misty that rules the house, my favourite author is Lee Childs – I’m working my way through the Jack Reacher books at the moment.


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